BRC certificate

UAB “Salpronė” is recognized by the international quality certificate BRC, which is granted only to companies producing the highest quality products.

The BRC certification is highly valued worldwide. It guarantees that the manufacturer selects raw materials with the utmost care, ensures a smooth product supply line and has a competent and constantly developing team. These are very important factors for potential partners.

BRC food safety standard is considered one of the highest valued certificates in the world. Its certificates are granted only to manufacturers who are able to ensure the constant quality and safety of their products and who are constantly investing in the introduction of new technologies.

In order to comply with the BRC standards, companies must ensure excellent management of the entire production chain. It is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of raw materials, to control technological processes and to observe the highest hygiene requirements.

Global G.A.P. certificate

GLOBAL G.A.P. certification is an internationally recognized set of farm standards designed to demonstrate good agricultural practices (G.A.P.).

For users, GLOBAL G.A.P. certificate proves that the salads and their products of UAB “Salpronė” are prepared with a very high level of safety and quality. They are produced responsibly, relying on biology and its preparations and respecting the health, safety and well-being of the employees.