Who we are

UAB “Green Factory Baltic” is a socially responsible and innovative company whose main activity is preparation of salad mixes. We simplify culinary work by preparing salad mixes. We strive for a wide range of salads and their mixes to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer.


Carefully planned logistics allows even the most distant suppliers to deliver the salad to your table within 6 days of picking it up. And from Lithuanian suppliers in just 2 days!

Production volumes

High-end technology allows us to wash, cut, dry and pack up to 600kg of salad per hour! At this rate, salads reach an even wider range of customers.

Highest quality

The highest level of BRC certification allows supply to bars, private consumers and supermarkets. All UAB "Green Factory Baltic" suppliers must also comply with all Global G.A.P. requirements.


High control of the microbiology, cleanliness and quality of the raw materials used by the suppliers of water used to wash the salad will ensure the most delicious and fresh salad.

Highest quality

Why Green Factory Baltic?

Our top priorities are quality and food safety: we follow the HACCP (self-monitoring) system. We carry out both external and internal audits. Continuous microbiological control of the chemical substances in the plant and strict food safety requirements and compliance guarantee a safe food preparation process and appropriate storage conditions for the prepared product.

No chemicals

We are in favor of safe and healthy food so no chemicals were used in the production process. Salads are not stored, so we can guarantee that the salad will be extremely fresh.


We are one of the biggest companies not only in Lithuania, but also in the Baltic States, dealing with salads. All salads are extremely fresh: foreign suppliers produce on your table will be within a maximum of 6 days and Lithuanian growers within 2 days.


Our suppliers are companies from different countries that produce salads to the highest standards of food quality (GLOBAL G.A.P). Continuous inspections of suppliers to ensure that genetically modified seeds are not used.

Wide range

We offer a very wide selection of salads and their mixes, which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.